About us

Who is behind this website?

Profil IHK quadratisch About usHi, I’m glad to have you here! My name is Dirk and I created the site Websitebuilder-Reviews at the end of 2013. For several years, the internet and it’s opportunities are fascinating me. Since 2009 I helped to build different online start-ups and learned a lot about online marketing. During this time I found, that both, private users and companies have a huge question mark in mind when it comes to the question: „How can I create my own website?“

This descision is often guided by an excessive supply of products on the internet and ignorance, which ends up not finding the perfect product for one’s needs. Due to this circumstance I developed the idea for this project and I thought about, how could I support beginners with my knowledge to guide them to their first own website. That’s the reason why I started to review the providers of website builders and share my experiences with you.


What is the goal of this website?

Beside of complex programming and expensive agencies there are some really well-engineered website builders out there, with which you can build a website at low costs and manageable effort. The pro’s and con’s of website builder products are difficult to figure out for website newbies. For getting a solid descision foundation I reviewed the big players in this segment and like to share my findings with you.


Can I trust these reviews?

This question is totally legitimate and comprihensible. I hope that the depth of the reviews and my test design speak for themselfs – at the same time I’m aware that credibility and independency are core components of product ratings. Without these components the reviews would be worthless, therefore I’ll show you how this site works: When a visitor of this site goes to one of the Website Builder providers and signs up for a premium account a provision will be counted, that’s all.

Despite of the provision based business model, the hights of the possible provison does not influence the result of a review of a provider, because of the folowing 3 reasons:

1) Guidance in the online djungle: I want to help with my reviews that interested people can find the best system for their causes. The internet is a djungle in which it i soften difficult to find the best offer. In online product reviews it’s not allways clear, where the ratings come from, therefore I developed a transparent test design with 50 achievable rating points in different criterias with which it is comprihensible how the final score is build together.

2) Best payment = best result? In my reviews the providers which would pay the highest provision do not get the best review result. Our review winner Jimdo pays a significant lower provision (more than 50%) for a premium sign up than the provider WIX, which achieves a lower result in my revies. The quality of the product counts, nothing else.

3) The BS sensor: An important point is also the BS sensor of internet users, in other words your fine tuning for spammy offers. Most people are surfing online with a natural BS-sensor, it’s absolutely neccessary to scan websites and choose which is worthy to read and which is not. There are to many bullshit websites out there, I want to deliver content to crate additional value.

When you have questions or ideas how I can improve the transparency of this site just get in touch with me on the „feedback-button“ on the left side!

I’m looking forward to hear from you, Dirk.