Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business

Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business?

What is the difference between Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business?

Besides the complete free version Jimdo also offers two premium plans (freemium business model), Jimdo Pro for $7.50 per month and Jimdo Business for $20 per month. But what is the difference between those two plans, when would it make sense to choose the business version?
Basically both premium plans differ from the free plan, that you get an independent domain and no advertising displayed from Jimdo on the site. In addition the premium plans got more functions and designs included. For everyone who wants to build a professional homepage, the free plan should be just for testing purpose, because an independent domain without advertising belongs necessarily to a serious website. Therefore we reviewed the Jimdo plans in detail:

Jimdo Premium Plans

JimdoPro Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business

JimdoBusiness Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business

No hidden costs or upselling.
$7.50 per month ($80/year)$20 per month ($240/year)
Own domain
Example: www.myname.com instead of ww.myname.jimdo.com
1 domain2 domains
E-Mail Accounts
Different E-Mail accounts make sense for companies with more employees, who need consistent company addresses like name@your-company.com
1 E-Mail account20 E-Mail accounts
E-Mail Forwarding
Here you can forward e-mails to allready existing adresses.
3 E-Mail Forwardingsunlimited forwarding
The 5 GB in the Jimdo Pro plan are plenty of storage, which are enough for a normal website.
5 GBunlimited
The designs in the free version are already extensive, but the most designs are offered in the Business version.
a lot JimdoPro designsJimdoPro designs and additional JimdoBusiness designs possible
Search engine optimization (SEO)
This is one of the most important modules in online marketing.
Customization of page title, description and Keyords separately for all sub-pagesIn addition to JimdoPro functions you also have the option of excluding sub-pages of the Google search.
The number of products differs in the plans.
15 products possibleunlimited products possible
Password Section
You can protect the access to some of your sites with a password.
5 sitesunlimited
More information

More information on JimdoPro

More information on JimdoBusiness

Which package is the right one for me?

Besides the price, the two Jimdo Premium packages differ mainly by size, e.g., e-mail accounts, storage, store products, etc. The basic functions of Jimdo are completely contained in the premium plans and the business package also provides some technical intricacies, for example to shut out some sites from the Google search.

I just want to test Jimdo for free, is that possible?

No problem, you can test the free Jimdo version without any risk/riskless and upgrade itat any time to one of the packages shown. In the free version you already get a very good feeling for the product and you can implement your ideas. If you are convinced of Jimdo you can upgrade at any time. Jimdo has emerged in our test with the best score as the winner.