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Jimdo Review

Summary of the Jimdo Review

Jimdo is a young company based in Hamburg (Germany) and they offer a product which is definitely worth taking a closer look at. The Jimdo website builder is already pretty powerful in both its functions and design, but the company is by no means resting on their laurels. They continue to develop their product further and are quickly becoming state of the art within the website builder segment. Our experiences with Jimdo show, even at the registration stage, that there is a great importance attached to user-friendliness and speed. After just 5 minutes you can have your own website live on the web and start working on it. You can find our ratings and overall experiences in the overview below. For more detailed reviews of particular functions just have a look further down the site.

Overview of the review

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Ease of use5/5The setup and editing of a Jimdo website is really easy and intuitive.
Pricing5/5The 3 pricing plans (free, $7.50/month, $20.00/month) are clearly defined and you can use almost all the functions within the free version. Differences of the Jimdo plans in detail.
Setup Speed5/5Very fast setup, under 2 minutes and your website is online and you can start editing.
User Interface5/5Clearly arranged and intuitive to use.
Customizable4/5There are a lot of possibilities to customize a Jimdo Page, but you’re still working in a fix setting (e.g. arrangement of website elements) and the footer customization is limited.
Designs and Templates5/5There are a lot of Templates in the free version which is great. In the pro and business plan you can choose from even more Designs.
Going mobile5/5Jimdo Pages are automatically optimized for mobile display on mobile devices like a smartphone.
SEO4/5The SEO base is very good, but it lacks of the possibility to integrate rich snippets.
Analytics4/5Your Jimdo Page comes with a limited analytics tool, however it’s easy to integrate Google Analytics Code in the head of your website.
Special Features (z.B. Widgets)5/5Integration of HTML Widgets without any trouble.
Total Score

Jimdo achieved a very high score because of both simplicity of usage and the extensive functions they offer. We highly recommend the Jimdo product.


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Review Details

Sign up: The Jimdo sign up for free plan is completely free of costs, without time limit and without further commitments. After registration with an e-mail address and declaration of desired domain name your website is online and you can start working on it.

Jimdo signup 1024x508 Jimdo Review

After the successful signup you are informed that an email has been sent (to the address you provide) and a short intro video tutorial starts, which shows the first steps for the basic setup of your new Jimdo page. Within your welcome email you receive a link to your new website and the password for the first login.

Jimdo Website: When you click on the link to your homepage, you are directed straight to your own website you just created; the whole sign up process takes less than 2 minutes.

Jimdo first login Jimdo Review

Editing: Now you can start editing your own website. The user interface is characterized by an easy to use drag and drop function with which you can locate site elements such as pictures to different places on your site just by grabbing them with the mouse curser. On the site you already find some dummy content. For editing these elements, putting in new elements or customizing the design you have to login to the editing mode with the password from the email. Directly after the login you get some information on how to work on the site.

The information provided is very helpful for beginners who want to create their first Jimdo homepage. The user is guided step by step through the elements of the Jimdo configurator. Let’s take the headline for example, there you can get a sense of the Jimdo logic; just click on the element you want to edit right in the page, immediately after clicking the element an editing mode for this element opens and you can change the content of the element (don’t forget to save the changes). For the headline it looks like this:

Jimdo edit Heading Jimdo Review

Add new elements: In the editing mode you will find a small plus sign (see red arrow). By clicking this sign a palette of elements opens which you can add to the site, e.g. text content, pictures, videos, forms, Google maps, HTML Widgets, etc. The newly integrated element will appear directly below the last element and you can change its position by simply dragging and dropping.

Navigation and adding new sites: When you want to add a new site, you scroll with the curser on the navigation of your website, a new window will pop up with the question “Edit navigation?”, after clicking the question the editing mode for the navigation pops up and new sites can be added, site names changed and the whole structure of the site can be edited (see screenshot).

Jimdo edit menu Jimdo Review

Basic settings: While logged in, the main menu is always displayed on the right, allowing you to easily edit the settings for the whole site such as the design, layout, imprint, search engine optimization and a lot more. The main menu looks like this:

Jimdo editor Jimdo Review

Conclusion: The website builder from Jimdo has achieved a very good score in our review and we urge you to try it for yourself and explore all the functions. You don’t have any commitment by signing up for the free plan, which you can use without time limit. For a professional website we recommend you chose the premium plan as you get your own domain and there is no advertisement on your site. We give the best rating to this website builder.

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review date: 2013-01-16 | last Update: 2013-11-06 | reviewed by Dirk Fuhlhage