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Webnode Review

Summary of the Webnode Review

Webnode have built up a pretty solid product, which is evident with 5 million plus users already signed up. Webnode can be used both for small private Websites and also for more advanced projects such as Online Shops. This website builder is especially interesting for international projects because it offers an integrated multilingual module. The pricing is fair compared to other providers however there are a few drawbacks in design variety, but it’s definitely a recommendable base for creating your own website.

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Ease of use5/5Top rating. Very comprehensible and easy build up from signup to the editing process.
Pricing5/5With the free plan you can use almost every feature, there is just a small Webnode advertisement displayed in the footer. The premium plans start at $2.95 per month and go up to $24.95 per month. Details for the different plans are described further down on this site.
Setup Speed5/5The signup takes only 5 minutes and is intuitive, meaning the registration for a Webnode website is dead easy.
User Interface5/5The editing menu isn’t packed with too many functions and therefore it’s pretty slim. For the user there are some similarities to the text-editing program from Microsoft, which brings a sense of familiarity.
Customizable4/5You don’t have the possibility to create completely individual themes, but with colors, formation of the elements and the stylesheet it’s also possible to customize your site.
Designs and Templates2/5The variety of designs is huge, but is somewhat lacking in modern or fancy templates.
Going mobile5/5Mobile accessibility is automatically integrated in your Webnode site and does not have to be edited manually. Just how it should be.
SEO5/5All important on-page optimizations like meta tags or URLs of the pages are editable without problems.
Analytics5/5Webnode delivers own statistics of user numbers, but it’s also possible to integrate Google analytics for an in depth analysis.
Special Features (z.B. Widgets)5/5Super easy integration of a forum. The possibility of different languages on one website (for this function you have to upgrade to a premium plan) should be very interesting for those who have an international focus. Another stand-alone function of Webnode is you can register different domains for fair conditions.Webnode also has a whole bunch of HTML widgets. You can implement all the important widgets like GoogleMaps, PayPal, Youtube, Facebook, etc.
Total score

Over all Webnote achieves the “best” rating and just misses out by one point to the winner of our reviews – Jimdo. Positive points are the flexibility of Webnode for different online projects and the SEO opportunities which are pretty strong. It just lacks the designs which really should get a makeover.


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Review Details

Signup: As you open the Webnode home site, you should immediately be able to see what is required for creating your own website (see screenshot below). The art of usability optimization can be seen at the first glance. The user isn’t irritated by needless elements and can start right away with typing in registration information. When you want to see some explanations about the system you can watch the short video on the site.

Webnode Landing Page Webnode Review

Registration Wizard: After typing in your information you will come to the registration assistance stage, which consists of 3 steps and is easily understandable:

1. At first you will be asked for the website type (private, business or online shop).

2. In the second step you can choose your website design. Webnode offers 80 templates for private users which, although good unfortunately are too similar to each other and are also not necessarily state of the art of modern website design.

3. In the last step you can configure a base structure for the new website by choosing the appearance of subpages on your website (e.g. About us, News, Guest Book, etc.). After choosing the structure you finish the assistant and your own website will be generated.
Webnode Registration Wizard Webnode Review

Editing: After the signup you are directed to the editing mode of your site and can start to work on the content (you have different functions within the menu at the top of the page). To insert a new element you just drag the specific element you want to add and drop it to the place where you want it to appear. You also have the possibility, for example, to edit a text element by clicking the element and editing it with a WISIWYG editor, as you can do in most of the other website builders.

The editor is self-explanatory and useless functions are eliminated, making the editor pretty slim.
Webnode editing modus Webnode Review

Pricing: Webnode offers (besides the free plan) 3 premium plans, which start with the “Mini“-version at $2.95 per month, with which you can already create a professional looking website with your own domain included. Those who are planning a more advanced website with more traffic should have a look at the “Standard“ version for $9.95 per month. The pricing model is absolutely fair.

Webnode Pricing Webnode Review

Special Features: A stand-alone feature of Webnode within the website builder segment is the multilingual feature. Therefore international projects can be built on the Webnode base. There are a lot more widgets that can be integrated in the side by dragging it out of the menu and dropping it to the favored place on your site.

Conclusion: Webnode offers an all around great product, with persuasive pricing and SEO perspective. The only shortcoming can be seen in the provided templates which seem to be a bit old fashioned.

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review date: 2013-11-06 | last Update: 2013-04-25 | reviewed by Dirk Fuhlhage