Website Builder Reviews

Website Builder Reviews

Design of the Website Builder Reviews

To provide a quick overview, we give out 5-star ratings. These stars are awarded by accumulating points in 10 different categories. The points awarded in each category go from 0 to 50 points, with 50 being the top score. You find the relation between the achieved points and the stars further down on this site. Below you find an explanation of our 10 criteria within the comment column.

Review category

Achievable Score

Comment on category

Ease of use
0-5Creating your own website is a complex task. It’s one of the major challenges for the providers, to make it as easy as possible for the user to create a website. This is the reason, why we put this criterion on top of our website reviews.
Pricing0-5The quality/price ratio has to be fair. There are huge differences and plans are not always explained clearly. We try to make the builder’s prices as transparent as possible for you. A good score in this category shows a well balanced relation of price and functionality.
Setup Speed
0-5Setup speed is the time you need to get from getting started with the builder till you can go online with your own, new homepage.
User Interface
0-5The website builders provide different user interfaces which allow you to modify your website. The ideal interface should be self-explanatory and easy to use.
Customizability0-5Your website is your store front in the web. Some providers offer you more creative freedom to customize your own site, so there is your individuality shown in the websites.
Designs and Templates0-5The website builders offer design templates for prototypical arrangements of website elements. Furthermore, there are color schemes from which you can choose. In this criterion we rate the availability of options.
Going mobile
0-5With the i ubiquity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, mobile surfing is also on the rise. The website should be optimized for mobile devices from the start. Some providers offer this service, others don’t.
SEO0-5If your website looks great but no one can find it, you have a problem. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is such an essential component for every online project. In this section, we rate how much SEO is included in each website builder.
Analytics0-5To see what’s really going on on your website, e.g. how many visitors you have and where they come from, you should analyze your website from time to time. Some builders provide their own tools, but for a true analysis, they should also make it easy to integrate the Google Analytics tracking code in your website’s header.
Special features (e.g. Widgets, etc.)0-5There are a lot of HTML widgets out there, each with different helpful functions, like visitor counters, weather widgets and so on. Some providers offer their own widgets, but it should also be possible for users to integrate other widgets to their website.
Total score
0-50 1star Website Builder Reviewsto
5stars Website Builder Reviews
In the overall assessment, we give a short summary of the major pros and cons and our general impression of a website builder.


Display of review results with stars

To give you a quick overview, we used one of the most popular rating methods on the web: the 5 star rating. Below you see how we translated the points into stars:



45-50 points
5stars Website Builder Reviews
35-44 points
4stars Website Builder Reviews
25-34 points
3stars Website Builder Reviews
15-24 points
2stars Website Builder Reviews
0-14 points
1star Website Builder Reviews


Website Builder Review – a short explanation

Homepage creators, e.g. website builders are simply tools with which you can build your own website, no previous knowledge required. In our review we’ve tested and compared the largest US providers of website builders on the basis of various review criteria.

Every builder is designed as a so called Content management system (CMS) which provides an integrated user interface. Website builders are either web based or downloadable programs, some might be both. With a few easy steps you should be able to create your first own website. This do-it-yourself approach is a low-cost alternative to a professional web designer. Last but not least, you keep full control on the content since you can make changes on your own, anytime.

With a good provider, you can use whole bunch of functionality and build a solid web presence. However, you should be aware that every website builder has its limitations. If you’re looking for a truly individual solution, or you value the possibility to connect different systems with each other, you might find these limits. For personal websites and small business websites, the builders’ functionalities are in general satisfactory, as is shown in our reviews.

How to create a website? The review

As you can see in the website builder review design, we’ve listed the strengths and weaknesses of the individual systems. In total, we’ve given the best score to the provider Jimdo, who convinced us with the creative freedom for users, and the intuitive user interface. It’s nearly foolproof to create a professional website with Jimdo, in no small part due to the handy InPage-Editing via drag and drop, which makes switching between editor and site preview unnecessary.

Website Builder Scores Overview

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