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Wix Review

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With more than 26 million users Wix is one of the leaders in the website building segment with a very wide reach. The editor provides both a lot options and beautiful templates for building your own websites.

Originally the Wix Websites were based on Flash but since Flash is not state of the art these days (poor SEO and mobile performance) they had to re-invent their product. Now the website builder is based on HTML5.

Discover more about the product with our review below.

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Ease of use5/5The guidance through the editor is easy to understand and self-explanatory.
Pricing3/5Wix offers both a free version and different premium plans. The price is depending on contract length (month or year contracts) and chosen plan with prices varying between $4.08 up to $19.90. The prices are a bit higher compared to Jimdo and Weebly.
Setup Speed4/5The signup process has some registration steps built in where you define the basic settings, unfortunately it’s not as intuitive as the signup process from other providers. Another point to be addressed is that you have to choose your design during this process. This requires you to make a decision which is essential for your website because it’s not possible to change your chosen design anymore. During the process there is no note of this issue.
User Interface5/5The drag and drop editor is fun and triggers your play instinct. You can click on any element on the site to see all the options you have to edit it, or just drag and drop it to any possible point on your website. Functionalities are clearly labeled and the editing process is pretty fast.
Customizable5/5You have the freedom to change the appearance of elements however you want. Another highlight is the photo editor with which you can apply fancy effects to your photos.
Designs and Templates2/5A wide variety of designs and pre defined templates for different occasions (e.g. wedding, portfolio, business, etc.). A huge negative within the design criteria is that you have to choose your design upfront and afterwards there is no way to change the template anymore. It is especially important in the beginning of website creation to have the possibility to try different styles and find your individual style – something Wix does not allow.
Going mobile2/5The mobile option Wix provides is not an ideal solution. You can build up a complete separate mobile page beside your actual website. A problem here is that you have to take care of 2 different sites, which can result in inconsistence of brand or content. The website itself isn’t optimized for mobile devices.
SEO2/5The original Flash base of Wix was an SEO killer. The new HTML sites are more SEO friendly, but due to a lack of options for your SEO settings (you can define meta tags just for the whole site). The site structures and URLs are also not built as Google likes it. In summary it’ll be more difficult to gain a good SEO performance with a Wix website.
Analytics3/5There are no Wix statistics of user numbers, etc. but you have the option to integrate a Google analytics code to your site. Unfortunately you have to upgrade to a premium plan before you can use the Analytics integration.
Special Features (z.B. Widgets)5/5Wix is really strong with integration of widgets and for displaying visual content.
Total Score

The product has its strengths in visual appearance and the possibility for editing templates. On the other hand there are fundamental shortcomings in the topics SEO, price and template change.

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Review Details

Sign up: After clicking the bug button on the Wix homepage the registration process starts with a form where you are asked for your e-mail address and a password.

If you are a new Wix user you will have to create a new account, something that’s not immediately obvious. After creating the account, the configuration process for the basic settings of your new website begins. In this step you can choose the main category which fits best for the website (e.g. photographer, artist, restaurant, etc.).

In the second step of the process you choose the template for the website – out of a wide range of templates. A point of critique is that you get no indication or alert that you are making an essential decision for the future of your website. The template you choose in this step is not changeable later without a lot of troubleshooting. The different templates offered by Wix don’t have a similar structure and therefore it is not possible to change them without completely destroying your sites appearance.

Wix Designs Wix Review

Choice of design: After clicking on the template you want to use, a new window will open in which your site is generated. Now you can start to work on your own website. An intro video helps you to get a sense of the editing possibilities. After editing the basic settings you can publish the new site with a click on the “Publish“ button on the right hand side of the main menu, see screenshot:

Wix Editor Wix Review

Website adress: After publishing, your site is live and available online. The address for your website if you choose a free plan is generated by a combination of user account number with “wix.com“ and the name you chose for your site, e.g. kon8392.wix.com/your-name. The URL of a free Wix website doesn’t look that professional and isn’t easy to remember.

Pricing: If you want to get a clear, personalized domain name you will have to upgrade to a premium plan. The price of a plan depends on the contract lengths and the chosen package (see screenshot). The pricing isn’t displayed as simply as it is at Jimdo but you get a sense of the Wix offer.

Wix Pricing Wix Review

Editing: In the editor you can use the drag and drop function for positioning different elements anywhere on the site – without any limits. This gives you a lot of opportunities to customize a template to your individual style. A function that makes the Wix editor special is the separate photo editor, where you can edit pictures you want to use with multiple effects. These editing options are especially interesting for artist websites. Furthermore text elements, videos and widgets can be put in any position.

Wix Pages Wix Review

Navigation and editing of new subpages: As you can see on the left hand side in the screenshot above, you can set the structure of your site in an extra edit field. By clicking this field the whole navigation menu pops up and is easily edited.

Special functions: Within one Wix account you can create separate websites which can be managed through this one account. Furthermore you can create a Facebook page which can be a logical extension of your main website.

Conclusion: Building websites with Wix is fun and you have a lot creative freedom for creating individual websites. BUT fundimental shortcomings can be found in SEO opportunities, pricing (compared to Jimdo or Weebly) and in the trouble of changing complete templates. We can recommend Wix websites for showcases and sites that are not relying on SEO traffic.

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Review Date: 2013-11-06 | last Update: 2013-11-06 | reviewed by Dirk Fuhlhage